“Tracks” Bachmann – updates coming

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The “Tracks Bachmann” Blog was a daily progress report on Ingrid Bachmann’s “Tracks” installation for the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG) in the summer of 2009. It is part of SAAG’s  “Into the Streets: Avenues for Art” exhibition from May 3 to September 26, 2009. It was curated by SAAG’s Ryan Doherty.

Below you’ll find the daily updates on the “Tracks” installation. There are more details that will be added for June 25-27, as soon as we get back to Internet access.

You’ll also find the SAAG map of the entire “Into the Streets: Avenues for Art” on the Map page of this blog. Along with Google maps for Ingrid’s installations. There will be updates to the Google maps later.

A third page will have a location by location explanation along with photographs for each of the sites of Ingrid’s installation.

Your blogger and photographer for this project is Wojtek Gwiazda.


Official opening – Avenues for Art

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The opening has finally arrived.

“Into the Streets: Avenues for Art” the June 27th opening of Kelly Andre, James Graham, Annie Martin and Ingrid’s pieces were showcased for an appreciative Lethbridge audience at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery this evening. And that’s curator Ryan Doherty at the podium.


After a week of working with the wonderful staff at the Gallery, it’s hard to say goodbye! The official Facebook photo is missing a few of the people who worked with us this week.

Thanks to you all!

Couldn’t resist a short walk around in those “Avenues for Art” and saw what Ingrid’s train looks like at night in the Leo Singer Building on 5th Street South (above 3rd Avenue South).

Again , apologies, the posts for the last two days will be updated – soon.

Iconic towers

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Just before the opening of the show at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery we got access to a car, and just had to get close to the iconic towers that we’ve been seeing from a distance right beside the High Level Bridge.

After some false turns we finally found a dirt road that led right to the towers!

Opening’s just a few minutes away from now! Got to go!

Penny Coffee House – the last of the drawings

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Ingrid today tackled the blackboards in the restrooms of the Penny Coffee House just across the street from the Southern Alberta Art Gallery.


More details – in a few hours or more. Yes I know, we promised that for the previous posts, been a busy day again.



Extremely busy day – work on four sites

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It was an extremely busy day today. Ingrid wrapped up the installation at the Mens and Boys Wear storefront on 5th Street South just above 3rd Avenue, known by everyone here as the “Leo Singer Building”. 

Four drawings on the facade of the store.

Including this drawing of a woman on the front of the store.

And this image of imminent (?) danger.

And a train that never stops travelling.

Ingrid also worked on the empty storefront of the former Maguire’s Men’s Wear store lower down on 5th Street South, a few steps away from the temporary location of the Southern Alberta Art Gallery.

A number of people stopped by to watch her draw, and shared their reactions about the two figures.


She placed an object in the window of the Bow on Tong store on 2nd Avenue South.

Before we finally got to the next site for Ingrid’s drawings, SAAG Curatorial Assistant Nicolas de Cosson really wanted us to experience the High Level Bridge from below, right down at river level.

It’s incredibly massive and impressive. So much so, that Ingrid sat down for a moment to admire the view.

Then she drew on an overflow drain on the shore of the Oldman River, close to the famous High Level Bridge.


Details about all of this in a few hours. Your trusted chronicler is a bit tuckered!

Another TV interview and a photo shoot

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Yes, another TV interview for Ingrid, this time with Shaw TV. 

And a photo shoot. More details in a few hours. Yes, it was a long day!

A series of drawings at The Attic/O’Rileys

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First stop today, 3rd Ave South at the former Attic and O’Rileys. Ingrid had her “Artist at Work” sign, Art flag, and assorted drawing materials.

The challenge: three glass cases, two pieces of plywood painted black, and one door painted black, all by the ever present Nicolas who’s doing a lot of the preparation work of the surfaces.

It was a beautiful sunny day, but oh whoah, the wind was really blowing, making it difficult to keep drawing.


Lots of conversations with passers-by who wanted to know if O’Rileys was opening up, why Ingrid was making the drawings, and giving their appreciation of the “art”.


And at each site you’ll see the logo of the “Tracks” installation: